You have made an excellent decision in picking up this book. If I was just starting on my learning path to mastery of Progressive Web Apps, there are not many folks I would trust more than John to get me there. I only wish that you could hear John’s voice while you are reading this book like I did.

Simon MacDonald, Developer Advocate, Adobe

Great stuff! I love the emphasis on doing things without a library/framework, then slowly adding in things like workbox later on.

Mike Hartington, Developer Advocate Ionic

I just got your book and am on page two: “I think Google’s description is off base,…” OK, I had to stop and figure out how to email you. This is just the book I wanted after reading so much vague and misleading information about PWAs online. No React layer and no fluff about creating a great UI/UX. PWAs just offer a particular way to combine and use manifest files and service workers and you offer a path to understand it all from the component level.

Stephen Hollister

I love this book, it’s a great read, and I enjoyed writing it as well. Enjoy!

John M. Wargo, Author